In memory of my brother, Ron. The toughest man I've ever known. He was my hero and I miss him everyday.

This is my family. I am nothing without them!

From left to right: Chris my son-in-law, Noah my grandson, Brandy my daughter, Natalee my granddaughter, Kathy my wife who's holding Cane, my other grandson, Alexis, my other granddaughter, Me, Evan my other, other, grandson, My son, Christopher, my other, other, other,  grandson Wesley, and finally, Amanda my daughter-in-law. Whew!  I love my family!!


I grew up in Ripley, Ohio. A sleepy little riverfront town about 50 miles east of Cincinnati. I have fond memories of my childhood roaming the hills, playing rock-ball, fishing, skiing, and swimming the river to eat wild blueberries on the other side.

I Currently live in Wesley Chapel, Florida, a not-so-sleepy suburb of Tampa Bay, with my wife Kathy. 

Most of my life I've been an entrepreneur. I started my first business in Ripley at the age of twelve. I sold worms and minnows to the fishermen at our local marina. 

I'm still a business owner but writing has become my new passion. 

If you're wondering what I like most about writing it's the thrill of talking with readers who enjoy the stories I'm telling. I'm honored and humbled by the reviews they leave.

Ripley, Ohio ​​

My Incredible Family

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